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I’m a Alaska based photojournalist with a passion for exploring unfamiliar territory, the people and places outside the mainstream. I’m adept in extreme settings and comfortable in stressful situations. I’ve spent a lifetime in the mountains and almost as much time climbing in and out of small airplanes and helicopters, both for fun and work. I’m that guy who’s willing to have a beer and conversation with anyone. My life is filled with friends who were once strangers I met in the middle of no-where.

My creative process has three main tenets: discover, learn, grow. The work that fuels me reflects an element of vulnerability, risk, and commitment. 

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Many of us go through our lives at odds, with our jobs, the commute, our kids, our spouse. On board a 20,000 pound rescue helicopter, sitting next to men tasked with risking their lives to save others, life is distilled to its most simple elements. Decision making seems instinctual. Movement appears choreographed. All things extraneous are stripped away.

the anonymous samurai

You are about to enter an escalating firefight where you have to save as many lives as possible, as fast as you can, while simultaneously leading a platoon of injured men whose leader was just killed. You are outnumbered, outgunned, and soon you’ll be out of ammo. Your name is Master Sgt. Roger Sparks. In the next 24 hours you will make the hardest decisions of your entire life.