The Alaskan wilderness photo essayist


Some of the most compelling stories I’ve heard are characterized by a strong connection to “place,” the environment around the individual, the place they call home. In many cases, I’ve observed a connection so palpable that the individual seemed to embody attributes of the landscape that surrounded them. Observing this— the place where the human element and landscape intersect — ignites my curiosity more than anything.

All photography ©2017 Joe Yelverton


Recent Projects


For an eight month period I had the privilege to observe and talk with the men and women who work for the Alaska 210th and 212th rescue squadrons. I met with highly specialized aviation mechanics, parachute riggers, weapons experts, and medical personnel.

the anonymous samurai

You are about to enter an escalating firefight where you have to save as many lives as possible, as fast as you can, while simultaneously leading a platoon of injured men whose leader was just killed. You are outnumbered, outgunned, and soon you’ll be out of ammo.