The Curious Explorer of People & Places


I’m an Alaska based photographer and writer with a passion for exploring unfamiliar territory, the people and places outside the mainstream. I’m adept in adapting—to extreme settings, the stresses of problematic logistics, gnarly weather, and cantankerous gatekeepers who just need a little love. I’ve spent a lifetime in the mountains and almost as much time climbing in and out of small airplanes and helicopters, both for adventure and work. I’m that guy who’s willing to have a beer and friendly conversation with anyone, from all walks of life. It’s all about the story.



Recent Projects

State of Change

STATE OF CHANGE, a narrative that captures the stories of scientists and residents of the Arctic, a reflection on the human condition and the changing landscape. After many hours of interviews and thousands of miles of travel on foot, car, bush plane, helicopter, and commercial jet, I stopped collecting information and started synthesizing an emerging narrative, not one of doom and gloom that’s perpetuated by the media, but a story revealing the human side of change we face. Our relationship with the natural world is as much a metaphor for our struggle to relate with one another.

Funded in part by a grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum.